Public vote on MSD contest

The Mind ShoeDesign Contest_`22 is a design competition aimed at shoe designers regardless of their level of experience.

The Mind ShoeDesign contest is promoted by MindShoelutionsCTCP and APICCAPS with the aim of finding designers interested in using their creativity to find attractive designs within the concept of sustainability.

The best six designs are submitted to public voting in this form, consistent to the rule “one vote per person”.

The nominated candidates may promote the voting in their design in any form they whish just as long as they don´t endorse or suggest implicitly or explicitly any form of vote that subverts the aforementioned principle “one vote per person”.

The organization of the contest reserves the right to calculate and use forms to mitigate or remove any type of votes that may be found infringing that concept.

Public vote is exclusively take place in Mind ShoeDesign site.

If you have any doubts or questions, please let us know.

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