Mind ShoeDesign Contest

The Mind ShoeDesign Contest_`22 is a design competition aimed at shoe designers regardless of their level of experience.

The Mind ShoeDesign contest is promoted by MindShoelutionsCTCP and APICCAPS with the aim of finding designers interested in using their creativity to find attractive designs within the concept of sustainability.

The submitted proposals will be evaluated and classified according to the following criteria:
- Creativity and innovation
- Respect for sustainability - (elimination factor if not addressed)
- Technical use of Mind ShoeDesign
- Technical feasibility of the design


1st award

2.500 euros + 1 fisic prototype + 1 Mind CAD 3D license + 1 license
Mind CAD 2D + 1 MSD permanent license.

2nd award

1.250 euros + 1 Mind CAD 3D license + 1 Mind CAD 2D license + 1
MSD permanent license.

3rd award

500 euros + 1 MSD permanent license

To take part in the competition download
a trial version until 31 January