Design shoes as simply as using pencil and paper or Adobe Illustrator

Integrated with Ai For MacOs

Mind ShoeDesign is powerful and simple. It enhances your creativity and connects seamlessly with production, increasing your productivity and the acceptance of your designs.

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Shoe Design can now be quick, error free and totally creative!


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Use the tools you already know (Ai). Easily apply realistic material for a convincing first 3D view of your model!
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with 2D/3D

The models you build can easily be transferred to 2D or 3D CAD systems for a seamless flow from concept to a complete mockup!
Totally Creative

Save time in managerial or administrative tasks

Easily generate outstanding technical files that will impress as much as your designs with a single click!
Mind ShoeDesign

Design tool integrated with Adobe Illustrator, MindCAD and other CAD systems for a seamless design and engineering process.

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