Creativity without Limits!

The best solution for
professional Shoe Designers

Integrated with Ai For MacOs and Windows

Sketching tool

Freedom to draw
Prototype better and faster
Increase your creativity

Integrated 2D / 3D

User friendly interface
Zero learning curve
2D drawing with 3D integrated view

Integrated with Ai

Draw in Ai and see the results on Mind ShoeDesign
Use the interactions you know for more comfort
Check the results in 3D

Realistic Materials

Ease to use patterns with simple editing​
Use substance materials to achieve realistic mockups

Import Soles for higher realism

You can choose any sole you wish
Use the sole biteline to build parts
See the sole in real 3D

Technical Files

Produce detailed technical files with a single click
Annotate materials with meta data for better communication with production
Improve your productivity - streamline administrative tasks!

Fully integrable with 2D and 3D CAD systems

Your sketches will be easily integrated in the production flow regardless of the remaining IT structure used
Better results obtained if you use MindCAD 2D or MindCAD 3D

Comprehensive Last Library

Easily find the last that best fits the model you want to create
Import your own lasts


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