When you subscribe to a Mind ShoeDesign subscription plan you will receive an email containing the download link and your personal activation key.

If you have subscribed but haven´t received that email please check the spam folder.

If you haven´t subscribed please do so in order to receive your download link and activation key. If you want to prevent the possibility that the email goes into the spam folder add mind.pt to your list of trusted email senders.

If you are having trouble in downloading the software (the link does not work or it is taking too long) please contact us using this form and we will be in contact shortly.


Just open your Mind ShoeDesign installer you just downloaded, with the link in the email, and run it. 

The installer will open, verifying all the files and proceeding to the installation.  Follow the steps as you would in any other MacOS software. 

To check if your Mind ShoeDesign software was successfully installed just open the launchpad and search for the Mind ShoeDesign logo. 

As it will be your first time opening ShoeDesign you will be prompt to enter your email and your personal activation key (The one that came with the email with the download link). 

If everything went smoothly, you should be now in the front page of Mind ShoeDesign! 


Just open your Mind ShoeDesign installer you just downloaded, with the link in the email, and run it.

The installer will open proceeding to the installation. Follow the steps as you would in any other Windows software.

To check if your Mind ShoeDesign software was successfully installed check your desktop for the Mind ShoeDesign logo.

Have fun using our software. 

If you find any inconvenience while installing our software, feel free to contact us here. Our support team will be more than happy to help you.

To manage you license you just to follow the link that we provided you when you subscribed to our service.

Using that portal you can do all the management of your licenses including:

  • Changing payment methods
  • Modifying license types (from monthly to annual for instance)
  • Cancelling a subscription

The portal should be auto-explanatory however if you have any type of problems you can also contact our customer service through this form.

Need more help?

If you have run into problems using Mind ShoeDesign, we are confident that you will find answers in the sections above. However, if that´s not the case, just contact our friendly support team directly here.